the lost and found project paintings and poems

The Lost and Found Project

 This exhibition’s idea came from the end results of actually getting lost and found by Search and Rescue in a forest area in Ontario. It is a perspective changing experience spending twelve hours in the dark an unexpected ill prepared guest of wolves an owl, snow flurries and a full moon to guide you in your solitude.

This experience resulted in the loss of how I viewed myself and the environment and created a path for continually finding new perspectives for both.
The paintings are accompanied with writings that I have written as a result of the journey of being lost and found. The writings are a story and also stand-alone relating to each painting in the exhibition.

The exhibition provides the viewer with the possibility of seeing the paintings subject matter with a new perspective through the story or the individual writings.

Depending on the impact of an experience be it a moment, minutes or hours it can profoundly change our knowledge of the environment we are in.
Life is a continuing Lost and Found Project
The Paintings were each accompanied with a 5x7 birch panel with a converted black and white photograph of that painting on it with the writings and thoughts revolving around the Lost and Found projects. 

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